Being an Intuitive Empath

I was born an empath. I am highly intuitive. All empaths experience the same things just in different ways. Some are more intuitive then others. Your sensitivity can vary depending on where you are in life, minute by minute or year by year. There are many factors involved that makes us different. Everyone of us has a different path. For instance we could have completely different beliefs when it comes to religion but we all have a connection to energy around us whether it is good or bad energy. If you would like to learn more follow the links at the bottom of this post. I currently have a love hate relationship with my empathy. I am constantly learning and changing. The life I lead puts me around all kinds of different energy. Sometimes I wish I could just shut it off but unfortunately it is developed so strong within me I will still feel energy even when I put up my walls. Thankfully most of the time I am able to take the energy and proccess it quickly so it does not cause harm to me. If I don’t process the energy the right way and quick enough I can actually become physically ill. If someone is suffering from cancer I will suffer the same symptoms. If someone is angry I will feel angry. When I feel someones energy I am actually receiving it while relieving them. This process can cause great harm to empaths especially if they are not aware of what they are doing.

I have to be careful what I “pray” for because it will come true and may not be exactly what I had imagined it would be. I have to be careful and guarded on how I use it. Thankfully I am a good person and would never wish harm on anything. Simply because everytime “karma” does the work.

I can accept any energy. I have not met a person who I was unable to feel. I can instantly feel your life story. I know if you are good or bad. I know if you are lying. I know every little bit of pain and joy you have been through in your life. Your energy tells me what kind of future you are currently seeking. Being in a large group of people is exhausting.

When I was little I was unaware of my sensitivities. I always avoided people. I found comfort being alone. I would stand at the edge of the ocean for hours listening to the waves, wind and animals. I would go for long hikes in the forest. Every house I lived in I fpund a tree nearby and would sit in it for hours just listening. I found myself praying all the time before I went to bed even though my family was not religious at all. Every prayer was answered. The best one was when I prayed for 8 kittens. Within weeks 2 stray cats showed up to our house and each had 4 kittens. The prayer that made me realize I should be careful was when I prayed for my parents to get a divorce. It was the thing back then. All my friends made it look glamorous. My parents divorce was horrible. I felt at fault for years. It was very difficult to understand my sensitivities when I was a child. I am still learning and will be forever.

Judith Orloff M.D. neuroscience

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