The 8 Clair Senses

EVERYONE has experienced at least one of the 8 Clair Senses once in their life, maybe even more then once. EVERYONE!  I don’t care who you are, where you are from, how old you are or what you say, I know you have felt something at least once and could not explain exactly where that sense came from.

There are 8 Clair Senses, some people say there are more.  Clair Senses are similar to the five senses we all learned about in grade school.  The difference is Clair Senses are senses you get and cannot actually put a reason behind them unlike the physical senses where you know where that sense is coming from.  Below is a list of all eight of these Clair Senses and their corresponding information.   Do you relate to any?  Let me know in the comments box.


  • Very active dream life. Most of your sleep contains a dream where vision is the main memory you take from it.
  • Often spend your days daydreaming.
  • Your imagination is more active then most.
  • You can speak fluently in metaphors.
  • You can see, shapes, colors, landscapes, pictures, textures, etc. when you close your eyes for sleep or meditation.
  • You see light, sparkles, flashes or movement out of the corners of your eyes.
  • When communicating with others you use the words “I see…”
  • You have the ability to see info about a person, object or place.


  • Information comes to you from no sure way of knowing but you “just know”, and you find out you are 100% accurate.
  • Information can come to you in facts, figures, times.
  • You know the outcome of events.
  • You know what gender a pregnant women is having.
  • You can be really creative, inspirational and have beneficial ideas.
  • You receive and answer about something you have been questioning, the answers comes from no where.
  • Your mind is rarely quiet. You have ideas swirling around.
  • Without any explanation you know whether or not someone is telling the truth or you know the truth with being 100% accurate.
  • When communicating with other you use the words “I know…”


  • You can hear messages out loud or inside your mind.
  • For most these messages are telepathic.  You can hear someones thoughts.
  • You are able to hear spirit or animals thoughts.
  • You are more of a listener then a talker.
  • You are often talking to plants and animals and feel as though they are communicating with you.
  • You will give profound advice seemingly out of no where and quickly forget what you just said.
  • You may hear ringing or buzzing or have a quiet sensation.
  • When communicating with other you use the words “I hear…”


  • You identify as an empath.
  • You are able to physically tune in to the emotions of a person, place or animal.
  • You can feel inside yourself the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person or entity.
  • You can be in a room of people and immediately feel the emotions of the person who just walked in.
  • When communicating with others you us the words “I feel…”


  • You can clearly taste without knowing where the taste is coming from.


  • When someone is injured you feel the pain as if you were injured in the same spot.
  • You can determine where someone is physically hurting without them telling you.


  • You may be able to feel energy fields.
  • When you run your hands over an animal or plant you can feel the temperature change.
  • You can feel vibrations in objects without seeing it with the bare eye.


  • You can smell your passed away loved one.
  • You often smell scents that no one else is smelling.
  • You have developed certain smells with certain events.

***There are ways these senses can be developed.  I often teach how to do this.  Contact me for the next upcoming class or you can check my services page.***

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Do you identify with any of the above?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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