When you see another (and different) other woman

This describes what a betrayed spouse goes through. Also explains why I need to move ASAP. Living in the same place is tough!

A Couples Journey of Recovery from Sex Addiction

Yes, really.

I saw one of the other women on July 10, then 4 days later Mr. Perfect and I go on a vacation to a beautiful city where one of the other women used to live (she now lives in my city…seriously).

So I’ve been a bit triggered the last couple of weeks, but have managed for the most part to not let it get to me.

This brings me to Saturday. Miss. Thoughtful was on a week long trip to California with her Youth group and came home just this past Saturday. Mr. Perfect and I went to the airport together but due to a lack of parking he stayed in the car driving around. As I’m waiting for her at the arrival gate, one of the other women – The Virgin – walks out a few people ahead of my daughter. Mr. Perfect dated her (amongst others)…

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