Am I proud of myself?

Over the last week I have been asked if I am proud of myself? This question was asked of me in a snotty way from toxic people that I should have exterminated a long time ago. So to answer that question.

YES I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF MYSELF! I am proud I finally got the nerve to run away! I am proud that I want better for myself and my kids! I am proud I was able to finally say no to my abusive husband! I am proud I stood up for myself! I am proud of the Sheriffs office for doing their work well! I am proud of the woman I am becoming! I am proud of the Mom I am! I am proud I am back to the Mom I once was! I am proud I am going to do it all on my own with very little help! I am proud of the neighbors that had the courage to call the police! I am proud of my daughter for standing up to her Dad! I am proud of my kids for speaking their mind freely!

I am proud of so much! So ask me again! Am I proud of myself? Of freaking course I am. Are you? The family that sat there and listened to my husband beat the shit out of me in the laundry room. The family on April 15th of this year said to me and the kids we would always have a place to stay they just wanted my husband removed from the property. The family that stands up for an abusive addict who did nothing but destroy his family. The family that was so pissed at my husband for beating his uncle only a week before he beat me for the last time. Ask yourself if you are proud? Don’t even try to blame any of this on me.

I did not call the police. My husband is the one who reported me to the police and sent a text to me stating the police were looking for me. It was the police officers that arrived at my hotel room that night that saw the physical evidence. The investigator for the sheriffs office the following day made sure to arrest the correct person. So I am not the cop caller. I am a victim of domestic violence and I finally have had enough!

4 thoughts on “Am I proud of myself?

  1. jangled 05/06/2019 / 8:26 am

    I am very proud of your courage in facing the betrayal of your husbands behaviours and being willing to try and forgive him. I am also very proud that you stood up for yourself and your children when he became physically abusive.
    Anyone, worth anything, would be proud of you! Well done DP! đź’ś

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  2. Mark Kent 05/07/2019 / 3:16 am

    very very well done .BUT , not all men are like this .I AM NOT ..i was bullied badly then Abused soon after ,NO -WAY AM I LIKE THAT .
    your husband should be AshaMED and disgusted ..not thinking of his own children .YOU SHOULD BE GIVEN A GIANT MEDAL

    i am from England .i have m.e . migraines long list health issues .i take part in a lot lot research
    my blog,http;//

    that person who spoke too you Snotty .well they showed them selfs too be Snotty Nosed .would be very different if it happened to them



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